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Nurses on Deck Now Offers Telehealth Visits

Nurses recommended by practising and certified medical doctors only.

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Safe, easy, and fast reliable health advice and treatment

Here at Nurses on Deck, we believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare via a pay per hour or monthly retainer model. To make our patients' lives easier, we provide them with fast and secure medical advice. To eliminate the barriers that keep them from accessing this because of cost and availability, we are now offering a telehealth service and appointment scheduling service for an auxiliary health professional near you, in 30 - 45 minutes - without leaving the comfort of your home.

We onboard nurses, caregivers and auxilliary helps - who are more in numbers compared to doctors - to assist and better guide the ill for the best medical assistance as well as an opportunity to help nurses upskill or keep learning.

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Nurse on Deck advantage? A nurse from every street in Lagos, Nigeria onboarded on the service (for timely service delivery), Nurse or auxiliary help must come with recommendation from a practicing medical doctor, We provide upskill and scholarship opportunities for nurses as well as Provide opportunities for smart unemployed to chase careers in nursing. Importantly, Celebrate nurses and caregivers weekly - nurse of the week feature + rating system. A Nurse on Deck is a [S]hero!

Nurses on Deck

Nurses on Deck is a health tech and practice owned and operated by top nurses dedicated to providing quality and accessible health care to patients of all ages in Nigeria since 2020.

Our nurses specialize in the prevention, management, and treatment of various medical diseases, and it is our goal to offer the best services possible to our patients. We hope you place your trust in Nurses on Deck.

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