The DAD Agency is beyond marketing as well build a number of in-house products from tvD Rap Radio to Shey Deal Dey.

Tech Dad Letter is a newsletter service that rounds up 50 of the biggest stories in tech and gadgets including exclusive interviews, how-tos, insight and more

BAS Podcast Bay is an online audio school and podcast network empowering fiercely opinionated and insightful creatives

Shey Deal Dey is described the CredPal and Uber service for staple food engineered towards fixing the agricultural wastage problem

The DAD Growth Academy is an academy to empowered 100 growth digital marketers across Africa with a path and 3 case studies - launching soon.

tvD Rap radio is a niche radio station, producing her own original content and bringing together Hiphop stakeholders from Lagos, Kampala, Tanzania to Ghana

Bae is a participatory platform for homemade videos before anyone else and adding flavour to your sexy.

Run Errands, Quick is a service delivering runners, a new way of getting things done.

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