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Reddit honcho Jen Wong on As Lib podcast

thedad January 23, 2019 551 205 4

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Jen Wong joins the ‘Ad Lib’ podcast to discuss the platform’s growth in spite of old brand safety concerns. One crucial word: video

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Reddit, the self-styled “front page of the internet,” is on a roll. Despite a lingering reputation for having a brand-unsafe environment (where a small fraction of sub-sections or “subreddits” had historically embraced white nationalism or toxic masculinity), the online bulletin board and collective of micro-communities is on target to double its ad revenue in the U.S. from $100 million in 2019 to $200 million in 2021, according to an eMarketer report from earlier this year.

This growth is largely the result of a one-two punch of cleaning up the platform and building out its advertising business. Today, for example, video ad formats account for more than half of Reddit’s inventory. “That’s pretty amazing because when I got here, we didn’t have video as an ad format,” says Chief Operating Officer Jen Wong. 

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In everything you do [as a marketer] you’re weighing an ROI. If you listen to actual analyst reports right now and what marketers and companies that are marketing driven are talking about it’s growth, growth, growth. That is the pressure on any CMO.

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Listen to the conversation for more, as we discuss Reddit’s data play, policing fake news in an election year and other Reddit monetization efforts like Reddit Coin

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