Teslim FC is going ham two days in a roll but honestly, Vector didn’t or hasn’t won this feud at least by every rap enthusiast standard. With that said, anybody will hand on the pulse of both raps who have been reading disses for a while we tell you M.I. Abaga knows he can not hold it par-to-par or bar-to-bar in a rap battle with Vector – he is clever but he can’t at most his fans will make heavy his series of cheeky wordplays which he’d mix with a few brilliant ones and his response titled ‘The Viper’ was an attempt to derail it from where Vector finally took it to.

If Vector finally took it then, then why do I think he does win – just yet. He took a playbook, ironically handed by M.I. Abaga and only did a brilliant re-painting – that is what Judas the rat will forever be. I was impressed with M.I. Abaga’s response mostly sonic wise and done in two weeks but guess being a producer has it’s good moments if at all and knowing Vector doesn’t or hasn’t proven to have this edge, this period was a time to correct that. Borrowing lyrics from M.I.: Time for VEC to win in beef then take it on to win in life. All the seems, Vector is going to do that on his terms – it was brilliant to get a Davido track and teased it now, just brilliant – only know hope it bangs bangs.

We’d revisit some of Vector’s lyrics and claims much later in the article, it was a lyricist’s bed + annotating and telling the backstories to make it all more interesting and eye-opening to the wordplay fest in the track. Why Vector got it wrong?

  1. Art. 2. Playbook. 3. Track length or not emphasizing parts of his disses enough.
  2. Rappers need to get creative beyond words. M.I. is a genius at this (think going on to have a creative agency is just ingenious). It won’t hurt to see another be or do this. Vector is such a smart rapper, he was the only one that seemed to be able to match that but fell flat as he has always done. If rappers can’t win with their music on the industry scale, can they at least win as creatives?I won’t bring up the alte music scene again.
  3. Scripture quoting, half the track addressing all M.I. painted him to be. It was necessary to address them especially for those who don’t know or fans who will eat up every word as the gospel since it is coming from their idol. I find it necessary for him to win at this because it is the gold standard, bigger rapper route to attack in a beef. Why let the ‘bigger’ rapper dictate the play? Why?
  4. It is 2019 some of the best things are hybrids, fusions. Why can’t a hard hitting rap meet an almost 808 bed – be earwarmy, dope sonic wise and still deliver a hard diss blow? Why? Samples, references and capitalizing on catchy bits i.e Alaye Jor Jor Jor et al. Anybody on the team with ear for music who had listened to that track should have known to tell to capitalize, emphasize that part. At all, Vector is a barrack boy!  It basically shows that ‘I am unbothered, dude is a rat – chief manipulator, time will show but let me just go on telling how it is with dope wordplay as it comes easy to me but I am just doing this for fun as the opponent is obviously bent on his lies.’ (that’s a compound sentence, Pele!)
    Forget what social media and the media want feud to be now – as clean as possible; rap beef is not meant to be, if it is too dirty for you – skip it. ‘Yo momma’ was built on the beef culture which basically was making jest of the most important figures in our life – no matter the insult, you can’t take anything away from her instead I’d reciprocate so you know how it is (feminists, let’s leave it at that, yes?!)

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